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Our upcoming BLOG is .. " Its all about " Choice" 🤍🕊

Saying Goodbye to a loved one... what funeral to choose?


Well most people immediately think "a Crematorium service or a graveyard Burial Service... that's it isn't it?


Well No! ... not necessarily ... there are so many choices and we will explore more ... together 🕊🤍

As always any post connected to a memorial or funeral will be headed with "Sensitive post" so you can scroll past if you don't feel able to read our gentle, respectful insight into ' your funeral choices "

So many have asked for this to be a "personal subscription only" post 🕊 that I have taken the decision to only add "topics" to the blog and answer your questions privately directly back to you 🤍

This feels the right thing to do just now ..for all my lovely followers who have specific and very personal requests for information 🤍 so the information and support is .. as always...still there.. and... it's gently available directly to your specific requirements... and needs. 🤍

Always here for you , our advice and support will always be freely offered.






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