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Why chose a Funeral Celebrant?

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, my role is to provide a respectful alternative to what we sometimes think a funeral or memorial should be. It is to give families choice and options around how they say Goodbye to their loved one.

A Celebration of Life Ceremony delivered by Creating Memories tells the unique story of the deceased, respectfully.

I do this by listening to you; the people closest and guide and work with you; using my experience to deliver a fitting tribute in accordance with the Family’s wishes and the wishes and beliefs of the deceased being the focus of the Ceremony.

To do this respectfully with skilful use of symbolism where appropriate takes time and I meet you at a time convenient to you and together structure and co-ordinate every single detail and I only say what is prior approved by you.

No two ceremonies can ever be the same as no two people are the same, we all create our own unique place in the world and a Creating Memories Ceremony celebrates that by personalising every detail for you.

I appreciate that it is all about the life story, the love and the loss , the strengths and what we have accomplished in our lives, our work, our play, our joy, and to not only acknowledge the sorrow and sadness of our loss, but also to Celebrate the time spent with family and friends.

Each story is carefully chosen, every reading or poem or Eulogy is selected to tell the story to respect their life and honour their memories. Prayer and scripture can be incorporated to honour the beliefs of the deceased and the family as well.

There might be important keepsakes, photos, or memorable artwork on display on a memory table or presentation screen, there may be symbolic items that you wish to incorporate or mention in the Ceremony or meaningful music which can either be delivered by myself or friends and family.

Each of these elements is woven together with care, creating an honest, compassionate, meaningful portrayal of the deceased – love and respect are two of the most important words I know and that is what Creating Memories is all about; “Respecting your Love” because life is all about Creating Memories.

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