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Why choose a Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony?

Times change....and these days a wedding is does not have to be the strictly traditional affair it used to be.

It can celebrate your love in your own unique, individual style.

When you have given your notices - you will be offered a choice of where you want to say “I do”- but it will have to be a licensed venue, at restricted times of the day, and a premium charged for "popular" days of the week.

You will find that the only part of this day that remains inflexible is the ceremony itself – which is ironic - as for me this is THE most important, meaningful, personal part of the day.

The words you say to each other - should be from the heart - not from a rigid script of choices .

So - why can’t you take your vows exactly the way you want? - WELL YOU CAN - it should be your day - your way without restrictions - with feeling, with love, with passion - in a place that means something to you both - without restrictions on time of day or belief systems.

In the UK - to be legally valid - the marriage ceremony must be performed by an authorised person (for example, a registrar, a vicar/clergy or a priest) and be witnessed by two people, in a registered venue, within a restricted time-frame. A declaration must be made and contracting words must be said -- legal requirements must be met and documents produced and signed. THAT IS IT.

But what does this actually mean for your Ceremony?

Well it means that as a couple you do not have FREEDOM to choose where and when you want to "dedicate your love" - you must choose between: a registry office ceremony, or a registrar who will attend the wedding at an approved & licensed venue.

For those of a faith belief this is not a problem as they will chose their local vicar/priest/clergy to officiate the wedding ceremony.

I believe that your Ceremony is truly the most important part of the wedding day, you spend months on end - making the Wedding Reception as individual as you are, so why not do that for the actual Ceremony itself ?

Do you want a Ceremony where there are NO rules to follow and NO pre-written vows?

That is where Creating Memories really can make your dreams happen.

I completely understand that for some couples - they are perfectly happy to have the sense of occasion that comes with following the traditional vows and order of the ceremony set by someone else -& that is absolutely wonderful and as everyone is different, this choice should always be available - but for many - this can feel too structured/formal/rigid and that is where Creating Memories comes in.

The reason I started Creating Memories Wedding Ceremony Services, is that I found the reality is; that the ceremony is likely to have restrictions on what can be said in terms of readings, music, vows and sometimes even photographs & most definitely you will have location & strict time constraints.

Let me give you an example, do you want anything including that relates to religion in your Ceremony? Even a bible reference or hymn can be refused in a legal civil ceremony or even songs that indirectly refer to religion!

Have you attended a wedding ceremony - that felt impersonal?

Some years back I attended a wedding where they would not allow photos to be taken during the ceremony, they restricted the photographer’s access to the happy couple!! You only get one chance to get it right - this spoilt the day for the bridal couple - no one had a photograph of the Couple saying their vows or exchanging rings :(

Thankfully most weddings are not that rigid these days - unless you can tell me differently?

So how do you have the day you want?

In fact, a way to have the ceremony exactly to your vision – is by having a Wedding Celebrant involved. ... then you are free to design the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

~Flexible to your wishes

~Have your wedding wherever you choose

~Have the wedding at the time of day or night you choose (we love a candlelit ceremony)

~Design how you want the whole occasion to flow

~Reflect your personal beliefs and lifestyle.

~Include traditional elements such as "handfasting" or "jumping the broomstick" or create your own "symbolism"

~Include the family pets

~Incorporate a "family bonding blessing"

~ Exchange Crystals or other LOVE tokens

~Write your own vows and promises of commitment

~Have whatever music or readings,poetry you like

It should be Your day - Your way. After all you are #creatingmemories to last a lifetime. Happy Wedding Planning


Coming up in our next BLOG article - How to choose the RIGHT Celebrant for you

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