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SENSITIVE POST - funeral information. No subject is taboo..or is it?

No subject is taboo !  Or is it?

We all deal with situations differently, we are unique in the way we handle everything.

One of the things I have learned in the many years I have had the honour of working in Bereavement Services, is how volatile our thought patterns can be as we grieve... even from hour to hour.. we just may not feel or think the same....

And that's OK 👍

Because, in my experience there is no such thing as a time frame or expected behaviour... so what may feel comforting to talk about today...may be completely "off limits" tomorrow.

That has been very evident in the messages and conversations I have regularly ...often starting with "I don't WANT to have this conversation but I NEED to". 🤍

Please be reassured that all topics will be sensitively handled and in these BLOG posts I will use links to signpost to experts and specialists for those who want more in depth details, my BLOG posts are a starting point to help anyone who wishes to know more...and so far from the feedback... the topics you want to know more about ,are so wide ranging !

Everything !!!

From "what can I do with the cremation Ashes" to "I want my funeral at home" ...and from " What is Embalming" to "Resomation - whats that?"

And yes we will cover them all over the coming months.

So keep sending your questions, anonymously if wished,or send in a message if you wish to be notified when the topic you are specifically interested in is being covered.

And I completely understand if you are not able to view any of these conversations yet, be gentle with yourself and always happy to talk 121.

Just to reassure you all Blogs will carry the header "SENSITIVE POST- funeral information", so you can avoid them if preferred

Love and hugs to all,xx




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